The Forbes contributor Billee Howard has shared a list of five marketing trends for the CMOs and entrepreneurs for the year 2019.

Howard says, “As plans get underway for 2019, what follows are the top 5 things senior marketers and entrepreneurs should be aware of as we inch closer to the new year: 

  1. We have entered the “Emotion Economy.” Brands must view emotion as a critical currency of business.

Historically, consumer insights have been developed by collecting and analyzing data to predict what the customer’s next move might be. Today, however, this is just one piece of the equation when trying to understand what a customer will do as technology is being used to read, analyze and even replicate the other half of the pie – our emotions.

For successful brands, it’s no longer just about understanding what customers will do, but rather how they feel and how we can best get them to act. This is what pundits are calling the ‘emotion economy’, and recent advances in technology have already put us on the path towards it.  Understanding how this ecosystem works, and learning how to draw value from it, will become vital to the success of any organization that is looking to engage with customers and stay at the front of the pack amongst competitors”.

Top 5 Marketing Trends For CMOs And Entrepreneurs In 2019

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