Personalization plays an important role in marketing. It leads you to better connect with the consumers and get desired results.

Marketing Land contributor Robin Kurzer has shared five tips to help marketers build a personalized marketing experience.

Kurzer says, “A majority of consumers — 75 percent — said they find personalized brand experiences at least somewhat creepy, with 22 percent opting to look for other less-creepy brands and 9 percent saying they’d leave a negative review, according to an InMoment 2018 CX Trends Report (free with registration) released earlier this year.

Andrew Park, InMoment’s vice president of customer experience strategy says “there’s a fine line between ‘creepy’ and ‘cared for,’ and the emotional and financial impact of missing the mark can precipitate long-lasting damage to the customer relationship.”

How can marketers use personalization without going over the line?

First, let’s define where that line is. Intelligent virtual assistant (IVA) provider Interactions teamed up with The Harris Poll to conduct a survey of 2,000 consumers in the U.S. aimed at determining where the “creepy” line is, and when AI crosses it.

The ensuing report (free with registration) showed that consumers say they are put off when an AI system knows information they didn’t provide directly, or that involves other people in their social networks”.

How to personalize without crossing the ‘creepy line’

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