Forbes contributor John Ellett has shared five predictions that Forrester has made in its report ‘Predictions 2019: B2B Marketing And Sales’.

Ellett says, “If Forrester Research’s latest predictionsfor next year come true, B2B marketers will be facing continued technology disruption that will impact their roles. In its latest list of prognostications, Forrester identifies five areas of B2B marketing that will likely be impacted by martech.

  1. More than 70% of B2B marketers will choose CDPs over data lakes – Marketers are frustrated with the current state of their customers data. It is siloed and inhibits effective multi-channel communications. Customer data platforms (CDPs) are gaining in popularity as a way to connect customer information across varieous systems”.
  2. More than 20% of marketing platforms will use AI to optimize midcycle engagement – Artificial intelligence (AI) is already aiding programmatic ad buying but will soon be incorporated into marketing automation and orchestration tools”.

Forrester Makes 5 Bold Predictions That Will Impact B2B Marketers Next Year

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