Raising new prospects and turning them into your customers is something brands and marketers need to focus on constantly. In the process of conversion you need to follow up with your customers continuously.

In this process you need to make sure that your prospects don’t get annoyed due to your communication and the frequency.

HubSpot’s Niti Shah has shared seven tips to follow up with the prospects and build your sales.

Shah says, “So you’ve done the preliminary research on a prospect and it looks like you could really help their company. The next step is to get them on the phone.

There will be times when you connect with them on your first try. More often than not, however, you have to try very hard to stand out from the rest of the people interrupting their day.How do you break through inbox clutter and the black hole that is voicemail? And how do you toe that fine line between persistence and harassment? Use these tips for following up with a prospect without bothering them.

1. Choose the right channel to reach out.

Whether you choose to first reach out to a prospect via email or the phone is up to you and your sales organization. Some salespeople start with an email; others prefer to just get on the line and talk. There are pros and cons to both approaches. Let’s start with the “shooting over an email” approach.


Email is visual, allowing time for a prospect to think through what you’re saying. It can be bookmarked, tied to a label like “follow up later,” and forwarded along if the prospect feels like someone else in the company would be a better fit to talk to you”.

How to Be Persistent in Sales Without Annoying Your Prospects

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