WordPress has become a powerhouse behind the success of hundreds of websites today. The unique themes and templates make the WordPress sites outstanding.

HubSpot columnist Kristen Baker ha shared the list of nineteen best WordPress themes and templates in 2018.

Baker says, “WordPress has an entire library of plugins and theme options available for you to install and use instantly. With these themes and templates, your business — no matter the size or industry — can have a website with a unique and visually pleasing appearance.

Below, we’ve listed 19 of the best WordPress themes and templates and categorized them by type. Whether you’re looking for a multi-purpose theme or one made for e-commerce, creative content, or niche work, there is an option that will help you achieve the look and organization you are hoping for on your website.

  1. StudioPress
  2. Theme X
  3. Theme Fusion
  4. Divi
  5. Avada
  6. Ux Themes
  7. Indigo”.

The 19 Best WordPress Themes and Templates in 2018

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