Along with the e-commerce, Amazon has also entered the online advertising segment and it is getting positive results. The company’s ad revenue has been growing consistently.

Recode contributor Jason Del Rey has shared an article describing the company’s ad performance and other things we should know.

Rey says, “Amazon’s ad business, for all its glitz and hype, does not come without significant risk: Namely, that an over-reliance on ads will ruin the Amazon shopping experience.

As my colleague Rani Molla chronicled recently, the top of search result pages on Amazon are increasingly stuffed with ads as well as custom placements hawking Amazon’s own brands. When searching on Amazon’s mobile app, it is not uncommon to have to scroll to a complete second screen to find the first search result that is not an ad.

Her report also noted that nearly 8 percent of views on Amazon product pages came from sponsored links in May, more than double what it was a year earlier, according to data from the analytics firm Jumpshot“.

Amazon’s booming ad business is both a blessing and a risk


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