Alex Genadinik is a well-known and popular teacher on Udemy. His courses always get high ratings from students.

We have bought several of his courses. And in an email to his students he mentioned one that will have be interesting to many of our readers. In fact, it was interesting to us. We just bought a copy.

He calls it Amazon SEO, Amazon Ads to Ecommerce and Algorithm Domination. This is training that will improve the results of anyone wanting to sell products on Amazon.

This is a video course containing 28 lectures.

Genadinik’s goal is to help you dominate your Amazon product niche by combining the 4 most effective strategies to sell products on Amazon:
► Amazon SEO: getting your product to a high rank
► How to raise your rank using Amazon’s Recommendation algorithms
► Amazon ads: make the best use of sponsored and display ads
► Creating a highly converting product listing

Genadinik explains that there is synergy in using all four of these tools together. The result is greater than the sum of the parts.

Udemy is running a sale on this course through the end of the month. Get your best price now: Amazon SEO, Amazon Ads to Ecommerce and Algorithm Domination

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