Getting your sites listed in the first search result page of Google is the biggest priority. It requires constant work and adaptation of the algorithm change of the search engine.

HubSpot has published a guide to Google Ranking Factors in 2019. It can help you work on your ranking strategies for the coming year.

Sam Kusinitz says, “To make prioritizing your SEO efforts easier over the next year, we’ve isolated nine of the most important ranking factors for you below.

1. Website Architecture

Importance: Important

There are factors that have a greater impact on your Google ranking than this one, but website architecture is the first thing you should get right upfront — especially when launching (or relaunching) your website.

By organizing your website into subdirectories, and having clear strings of text (or “slugs”) at the end of each URL, you’ll make it much easier for Google to understand who you are and what topics you want to be an authority on. (We’ll talk more about topics in just a minute)”.

The Ultimate Guide to Google Ranking Factors in 2019

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