Once upon a time Multilevel-Marketing was one of the most popular forms of marketing. Even today many brands follow this marketing patter.

Forbes contributor Nick Clements has an opinion on it. He has shared three reasons to avoid Multilevel-Marketing.

Clements says, “There are a few common characteristics of most multilevel-marketing companies. First, the sales force does not receive a salary. Instead, a commission is paid for every product sold. Second, members of the sales force are encouraged to recruit more people and will receive a portion of their commission as well. The ultimate dream is to sit at the top of a pyramid, enjoying the passive income generated by an army of recruits. Sadly, that rarely happens.

Problem #1: Most People Don’t Make Much Money

Selling facial cream to your friends is difficult. Selling facial cream to strangers is even more difficult. In the MagnifyMoney survey, 20% of people involved never made a sale. 60% of participants sold less than $500 over the past five years. Most people make less than 70 cents an hour, before considering marketing expenses. A minimum wage job would be more lucrative by comparison”.

3 Reasons To Avoid Multilevel-Marketing Gigs

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