Video is everywhere when it comes to branding and marketing. Since it helps you easily convey your message it has become a favourite tool for the marketers.

Entrepreneur contributor Ashish Gupta has shared six reasons to establish that video content is the future of businesses for getting more customers.

Gupta says, “Here’s a lot more about video content and why it is being hailed as the future of content.

Video Enhances Organic Traffic and Conversions

Yes, it isn’t just by a small number, either. As stated by several pieces of research and studies, businesses that use video content for marketing witness over 40% more organic traffic than businesses that don’t use video marketing. It is not only all about bringing in traffic, the video even helps in converting those visitors into customers. While websites that run videos on their home pages see 20% more conversions, those running video on landing pages sees 80% more. Video content remains to be the most powerful tool for e-commerce clients where products possess a high touch and feel value.

Viewers Retain Information Better than Readers

If someone views information via video, they are said to retain 95% of it, which is a significant number, and this figure becomes all the more exciting when you consider that only 10% is retained through reading”.

Why is Video Content the Future for Businesses Focused on Grabbing Consumers


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