The Entrepreneur magazine contributor Syed Balkhi has shared five tips to help brands boost their ecommerce sales on Cyber Monday.

Balkhi says, “Consider instituting the following five tips to boost your ecommerce sales on Cyber Monday.

Create a cyber-exclusive, one-day deal.

Offering 15 percent off to shoppers during Cyber Monday simply will not do the trick. To stand out on that crazy day, when all of your competitors are offering up amazing deals, you’ve got to create a cyber-exclusive, one-day sale that’s too good for consumers to pass up.

As an example, Dean & Deluca offers 50 percent off the cost of shipping for Cyber Monday only. Fifty percent off is enough to grab the attention of even the most seasoned shoppers.

Showcase different products hourly.

You want to keep your brand at the top of shoppers’ minds, but they may find it difficult to keep their eyes on you with so many Cyber Monday distractions”.

5 Tips to Boost Your Ecommerce Sales on Cyber Monday


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