To make the Internet surfing safer HTTPS has been made a necessary element for the websites. When a site loads both HTTPS and HTTP scripts or content, user’s web browsers show mixed content warning.

Kinsta contributor Brian Jackson has shared a five-step guide to help webmasters quickly fix these mixed content warnings.

Jackson says, “Follow the simple steps below to fix your WordPress mixed content warnings. This assumes you have already done the following:

We’ll be using our development site ( in the examples.

Step 1

The first thing you need to do is find out which resources are still loading over HTTP. Browse to the page where it’s happening and launch Chrome DevTools. Remember, it might only be happening in certain areas of your site, not globally.

  • Windows: F12 or CTRL + Shift + I
  •  MAC: Cmd + Opt + I)”.

How to Quickly Fix WordPress Mixed Content Warnings (HTTPS/SSL)


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