Video is a great tool that can be used for multiple purposes when it comes to marketing and promotion. It helps you easily reach the target market and inform the prospective customers about the products and services.

MarketingProfs contributor Mikita Cherkasau has shared an article highlighting how marketers can use the video to improve sales prospecting.

Cherkasau says, “Marketers have been facing a drastic decrease in email open and response rates over the past decade, according to MailerMailer and SilverPop. In today’s information glut, as consumers become better at filtering marketing messages, email just can’t get the same results it once did.

So how can you make your messages stand out? Video prospecting.

In this article, we’ll explain how video can help with your sales prospecting; we’ll also provide an overview of the relevant software available on the market and tips on how you can craft your videos.

Why Use Video Prospecting

As with any other communication medium, video can help deliver a specific message. Certain characteristics, though, make video a more powerful prospecting tool than text and images”.

A Guide to Using Video in Your Sales Prospecting


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