Customer acquisition and retention are the most important things that an organization seeks to achieve. Communication plays the vital role in doing so.

Business 2 Community columnist Katie Sweet has shared four ways you can use personalized emails to improve customer loyalty.

Katie says, “In this blog post, I’ll describe four main ways you can use personalized emails to improve customer success and customer loyalty.

1. Personalize at open time to reflect recent information

First and foremost, each email you send should be as tailored to the individual as possible. What does that mean? You are constantly learning about your customers from their in-app behavior and the actions they take on your website or via other channels like online chat or your call center. Use that information to understand their needs, challenges and interests and personalize any email to them to ensure the information they receive is valuable and relevant.

But don’t just decide what personalized content to include in an email when it is sent, make that decision when the email is opened instead. Because a lot can change before a customer reads your email. She may have already taken the action you recommend”.

How Personalized Emails Improve Customer Success and Loyalty

Business 2 Community

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