Data is one of the key elements to help you enhance your possibility of achieving success in marketing domain. It helps you rightly understand the customers and rightly target them.

Integrating the data with Artificial Intelligence helps you achieve even better results. ReadWrite contributor Brad Anderson has shared three strategies to improve data and AI integration.

Anderson says, “Because AI can analyze customers’ behavior in real time, it can prompt automated systems to respond rapidly enough to influence consumer behavior favorably. This has important applications not only in retail, but in banking, telecommunications, entertainment, and many other areas.

Data points to ponder

For these reasons and more, making the most of your data is critical to enhancing overall performance. These three strategies should drive your approach to data and AI integration.

1. Task your team to do the tough thinking.

AI can provide an adaptive and customized user experience with a speed and precision that cannot be achieved by human customer service reps. Particularly because software can connect customer data from a variety of sources — social media and website use being two of the biggest — AI can help place and modify advertising in a way that matches well to particular users and shapes their purchasing decisions”.

Marketers, You’re Wasting Your Data

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