When it comes to online marketing, conversational interfaces make it easy for the brands to stay connected with the customers in a more personal, quick and convenient manner.

While building a conversational interface you need to keep several things in mind as it is going to represent your brand to the customers.

Econsultancy’s Rebecca Sentance has shared four principles for building a conversational interface.

Sentance says, “Here are four principles for building a conversational interface that works.

Clarity: Streamline the options

Virji explained that two theoretical systems govern how we make choices: fast, emotional and intuitive (in keeping with the Simpsons theme, Virji dubbed this the “Homer stage”) and logical, deliberate and slower (or the “Lisa stage”).

In order to maximise customer conversions, interface designers want to make sure that customers stay in their “Homer stage”, where everything is frictionless, intuitive and easy. Once they shift into their “Lisa stage” and start to slow down and reason, scepticism and negativity creeps in.

By introducing clarity to your conversational interface, Virji advised that you can ensure customers spend less time trying to figure out what you mean, and more time doing the things they want. You should present clear choices and pose concise questions”.

The four Cs of conversational interface CX

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