HubSpot’s Doug Davidoff has shared five ways to help organizations increase their  salespeople’s productivity.

Davidoff says, “Reps are happier because they spend more time doing what they love and less time doing what they don’t — while generating more income in less time. And executives are ecstatic as it equates to an additional sales rep’s production for every three to five reps on staff, with no additional headcount.

While these strategies are far more effective implemented at an organizational level, sales reps looking to gain better results can apply many of these strategies to enhance their individual production, even if their organization doesn’t.

5 Ways to Increase Salespeople’s Productivity

1. Map the customer acquisition process

The fundamental problem with “process” is that the purpose is to eliminate variance. Yet, in sales, the value lies in the variance. Selling is a highly dynamic, open loop system. The more complex your offering, the greater the variance and complexity that must be managed.

While creating a repeatable process when the process is different every time may seem like an insurmountable problem, in reality, it’s not. The key is to view the process through an “object-lens.”

Don’t build out your methodology from A to Z “.

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