If you have been podcasting, but haven’t found a way to build a following, you might want to check out a Udemy course by Scott Paton: Podcast with Passion and Inspiration.

Putting your personality into your podcast makes you sound like a real everyday person, not a corporate spokesperson. That helps you connect with your followers and gains you a bigger following.

If you interview people on your podcast, this training will show you how to connect with the person you are interviewing and use their passion to build your own.

Even if you are not naturally an outgoing, upbeat person, with this training, you will discover how to convey a high energy level that will be perceived as passion.

Check out Podcast with Passion and Inspiration.

Paton also has a second podcasting course on Udemy: Podcast Outsourcing.

You probably don’t want to outsource your “”on air “” activities, but there are a lot of background activities that take a lot of time and could be outsourced to get them done while you concentrate on what you alone can do. In Podcast Outsourcing, Paton helps you uncover opportunities for effective outsourcing and locate skilled people who can take the load off your shoulders.

For example, suppose your professional sound engineer edits your podcast and has it sounding as polished in just a few hours (hours you can be doing something more useful). Then your transcriber turns your show into an article and a blog post. Then your VA uploads the show onto your Podcast hosting server. There’s a lot of time you can save with outsourcing. Podcast Outsourcing shows you how.

Now the best news of all Udemy is running a sale today on these courses by Paton and on all his other courses. Check them out while the cost is only $10.99 each.

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