Quality content creation is the most essential part of the content marketing. When combined with the authenticity it helps your attract more customers and get more sales done.

Content Marketing Institute contributor Sujan Patel has shared nineteen tools that can help marketers in promoting their content.

Patel says, “I produce a lot of content. Not for the fun of it (although I genuinely enjoy most of it), but because I want it to increase awareness of my personal brand, drive traffic to my site, and generate leads.

Social media and audience-building

1. Quuu

Submit an article to Quuu Promote and it will be automatically shared via hundreds of real Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts. Sharers sign up for free to keep their social media accounts active with quality, human-verified, relevant content and content producers pay to have their content distributed through these accounts. A win-win and an easy way to drive social shares and traffic to your content.

2. Hootsuite Amplify

Amplify is similar to Circulate.it in that it’s designed to boost your social reach by encouraging your employees to share more of your content (and making it easy for them, too). Amplify also allows you to track who’s sharing most often and who has the most successful posts”.

19 Favorite Tools for Content Promotion in 2018

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