As the holiday season comes closer the brands and marketers need to plan out an agenda for reaching out the maximum number of customers and getting the best results.

Online ads play an important role in helping them drive more traffic and generating more sales. A well-planned ad investment can help marketers make the most of such ads.

Marketing Land contributor Thomas Stern has shared four ways to get most out of the advertising during the holiday season.

Stern says, “By creating diversification within your paid media shopping campaigns, you will positively impact your holiday ROI and set up a framework for future e-commerce growth.

Consider the following paid media tactics to be more effective and successful as an online retailer.

Capturing demand through PLAs and Google Shopping

Google Shopping or product listing ads (PLAs) are sizzling hot, especially while we prepare for the holiday season. Ever since PLAs gained popularity in 2011, they’ve evolved to be prominent within search results and have taken a larger chunk of traffic away from the traditional text search ads.

For our e-commerce clients, we adjust their budget and focus at the product level. Focus at the product level typically means aligning to long-tail queries, making inclusion and optimization of all product attributes important for visibility. This allows us to display the most relevant product to the searcher across an array of search modifiers. For instance, we can reach users searching for a kitchen knife set, a paring knife or a black Wusthof 7-inch Santoku Hollow-Edge.

As discussed in my most recent Search Engine Land post, PLAs put product imagery, titles, pricing and other in-depth details directly in front of eager shoppers”.

Nailing down ads for the holiday season

Marketing Land

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