Social media and the marketing tactics are dynamic. With the changes that occur in the marketing landscape we need to change the targeting strategies.

Buffer contributor Alfred Lua has shared a Twitter strategy that helped his brand improve its clicks by 90%.

Lua says, “After Twitter had made its rule changes, I noticed that Matt Navara and a few other accounts had started retweeting their own tweets as a way to boost top posts.

This made me wonder if retweeting my own top tweets could be a good way to increase my reach and engagement on Twitter.

So I tested this idea — retweeting my best-performing tweet the following day — with my own account.

And it worked!

According to my Buffer Overview Report, my tweets in June received, on average, 2,356 impressions, 93 engagements, and 30 likes. Whereas this particular tweet received 9,697 impressions, 203 engagement, and 94 likes after I retweeted it”.

The Simple Twitter Strategy That Helped Us Generate 90% More Clicks

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