Establishing the brand is the most important task that an entrepreneur has to do. It leads to the customer acquisition, retention and loyalty which are the three pillars of a successful brand.

Entrepreneur contributor Nina Lekhi has shared five marketing techniques you can use to enhance your brand building process.

Lekhi says, “If you’re in the business of selling, it is important to know the marketing hacks to create the perfect branding strategy. Below are few marketing techniques for enhancing brand building :

Your brand must tell a story

You can’t push a brand in front of the customers and expect them to buy your products. People generally don’t favour brands that do not tell a story. And by story, I mean where the brand comes from, their beliefs, how they’ve shaped them throughout the years, the way they have adapted to suit their customer’s needs and perspective and the USP they offer viz a viz similar products. Your marketing should bring your brand’s story to the fore.

Personal touch is a must

The brand should make the consumers feel like you care for them. You need to ensure your marketing activities go the extra mile to make them feel you are concerned and are prioritizing their needs”.

Marketing Techniques to Enhance Brand Building


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