In the times of social media marketing too the email hasn’t lost its charm. It remains one of the most widely used form of marketing online.

Entrepreneur magazine contributor Jeff Kupietzky has shared why marketers should stick to email marketing in the times of Facebook.

Kupietzky says, “Enter: email. This tried-and-true medium, which some had written off as “dead” is in fact having a renaissance, becoming one of the most effective channels for sales and revenue generation.

What makes email such an attractive alternative to Facebook?

1. Email is publisher owned and controlled.

Unlike Facebook, which owns and dictates all of the content posted or shared on its pages, email is entirely controlled by the publisher distributing the content. That means neither the general public nor a team of content screeners can impose their will on your content. Publishers are free to sell in-email ads to any advertisers they please and that fit their audience’s expectations for relevancy. And, they can control the content distribution, timing and linkbacks to ensure they get the traffic they desire.

2. Email is impervious to ad blockers and privacy extensions.

Facebook visitors can easily wipe out paid content using browser-based ad blockers and thwart ad targeting with cookie-blocking tools”.

As Facebook Clamps Down on Advertisers, Email Becomes an Attractive Alternative