When it comes to improving your online sales, you need to use all the available tools to help you boost your performance in all directions.

As far as social media is concerned you can use Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram for greater sales conversions. Apart from posting on these mediums, you can also utilize your profile for getting more sales.

HubSpot columnist Emma Brudner has shared a comprehensive article on optimizing the LinkedIn profile for improving online sales.

Brudner says, “In social selling, you want your LinkedIn profile to be about your buyer’s achievements and how you enabled them, instead of about you and your achievements. Here’s how to optimize your LinkedIn profile for prospects.


Don’t just write your title. Answer two questions: Who do you help and how do you help them? Craft your headline to be a mini value proposition packed with verbs and other active language.

For example: I’ve helped 200+ B2B companies save over $2 million through outsourcing solutions.


Profiles with pictures elicit a 40% InMail response rate. Strive for professional without being stiff. Choose a current, high-resolution photo that makes your buyer feel confident in trusting you with their business”.

How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile For Sales [Visual Template]