HubSpot’s Jeff Hoffman has shared nine tactics to help marketers sell expensive products online.

Hoffman says, “Salespeople who don’t work for the low-cost provider in their arena often struggle with losing deals based on price. Prospects are only human, and no one likes to pay more when they could pay less. That’s why pricing in sales is one of the biggest barriers to purchase and a roadblock for many reps.

1. Ask about the competition early

Reps typically wait too long before asking about the competition. Especially if you’re selling a premium offering, you want to ask buyers about what other vendors they’re considering early and often.

But questions such as “What do you like about Company X?” won’t garner you valuable information. Instead, probe into the following areas:

  • Which vendor is winning as we stand today?” Get the buyer used to thinking in terms of “winning” and “losing.” This will reveal which provider they ultimately prefer — regardless of price. Remember: Prospects will never buy from your company unless they like you more than the competition. If you’re not “winning,” price becomes a moot point. If you are winning, you can work on the price”.

How to Sell an Expensive Product: 9 Tactics


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