Search engine optimization plays an important role in boosting your ecommerce sales. It allows you to showcase your products to the searchers.

Shopify contributor Samantha Renée has shared nine steps to help ecommerce store owners rank their stores in the search engines.

Renée says, “As a Merchant Success Manager at Shopify, I spend much of my time helping merchants find new ways to identify and scale their marketing efforts.

Much of my experience with SEO comes from growing my own store, Weave Got It Canada, where organic search traffic has become a key pillar for our overall growth. In fact, search has been so effective for us that I haven’t had to rely on paid advertising at all as we’ve scaled our business.

What I’ve learned is that while SEO is ultimately a long-term investment, new store owners can get a lot of value by building a simple strategy and making sure their storefront is following recommended on-page practices. To help you do just that, I’ve outlined my suggested steps for getting started in an easy to follow checklist.

I. Setup recommended tools

II. Google Search Console

What Can I Do to Help My Store Rank in Search Engines?


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