With billions of users, Facebook can be the online marketer’s best friend. It lets you target people with pinpoint accuracy by using with all the targeting options it offers you.

If you aren’t getting good results with your Facebook ads, you may be running into a common problem:

People may close your landing page within the first 4 seconds without being tempted by what you are offering.Here’s why: A lot of people don’t like to enter their email address and share it with merchants.

Small consolation I know, but it’s an industry-wide problem; you’re just one of the thousands of merchants hurt by it. Sign ups on squeeze pages are not doing as well as they once did.

But the new Leads2List method changes the sign-up dynamics.

This new software finally makes it cost-efficient to run Facebook lead gen ads.

The lead gen ads in association with Leads2List are remarkably effective because people can sign up to your list just by clicking a button. Nobody needs to fill in any information about themselves.

Facebook already knows the information you need: name, email, etc. And when you buy low-cost lead generation ads on Facebook, it will give you that information. All the user needs to do is click a button to sign up. Facebook does the rest. Well, not quite. And that’s where Leads2List comes to your aid. Your problem has been moving the leads from Facebook to your autoresponder. Now there’s an easy way to do it.

Consequently, this means:
1. Your sign up rate is a lot higher
2. You can later send the visitor emails from your autoresponder; you already have the lead and their permission to contact them.

Because Leads2List sends everyone who signs up to your autoresponder completely automatically, the process is painless for them and profitable for you.

Visitors simply click a button, and they are added to your autoresponder. What could be easier? Here’s how it works behind the scenes:

► Connect your Facebook pages to Leads2List and place your lead gen ads
► Connect Leads2List to your favorite autoresponder (it supports all the popular ones)
► Anyone who signs up is added straight into your autoresponder list.

Here’s what make is so simple to get started: This software requires no website and no experience. Just as important: It’s 100% within Facebook’s terms.

Want to see it in action? Click on the link: Leads2List.

By the way, with the help of Cyril Gupta, we have prepared some bonuses for you. You will find them helpful to your business. You see them on our custom bonus page, here: Leads2List.

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