HubSpot’s Allie Decker has published the Guide to Marketing Trends in 2018 highlighting  the most important marketing trends of 2018.

The guide focuses on general marketing trends, content marketing trends, search marketing trends and technology in marketing trends.

Decker says, “Marketing refers to a wide range of activities that promote and advocate for a brand, so the term “marketing trends” is pretty vague. That’s why we’ve organized this section by the type of marketing, as you’ll see below.

Lots of things change in the marketing world, but we’ve chosen one or two for each section that we believe will best equip your business to succeed.

General Marketing Trends

Customers as Marketers

The marketing funnel is no more, my friends. Today, the flywheel — and a subsequent focus on service — have replaced the one-way direction of the funnel.

In the world of the marketing funnel, customers were an afterthought. Once they became a paying customer, businesses considered them obsolete — until, of course, it was time re-sign that contract”.

The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Trends in 2018


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