Marketing automation is the key to enhancing your organization’s performance in terms of expansion of reach and enhancement of the sales.

In enhancing the marketing automation process, deep learning can play a vital role. Deep learning is part of machine learning methods based on learning data representations, as opposed to task-specific algorithms.

Entrepreneur contributor Reshu Rathi has shared three examples of how deep learning affects the marketing automation process.

Rathi says, “Here are three examples of how deep learning in marketing automation is making marketers’ life easier.

1. Identifying deeper patterns in data for hyper-personalization.

“Personalization” is a widely used term, but it has started to wear down its significance. Don’t get me wrong; I am not suggesting that you should stop personalizing your online shopping experience and marketing messages. What I am proposing is focusing on hyper-personalization.

Marketing automation with machine learning (ML) allows you to personalize customer experience based on their history of interactions, like purchasing habits, behavioral traits and digital preferences. But it does not take the intent of the customer into consideration.

Deep learning technology, on the other hand, will not just rely on the interaction history of the customer but will consider their intent. For example, a customer comes to your site and buys a dress. During their second visit, the same customer starts checking out footwear. In this scenario, the equation will not rely on transactional and interaction data to personalize the experience, but will consider the intent”.

Deep Learning and ‘Hyper-Personalization’ are the Future of Marketing Automation


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