There has been a hype on the new turning point the ecommerce domain with the helps of voice search. Devices like Google Home and Alexa are going to play an instrumental role in it.

HubSpot’s Amanda Zantal-Wiener has shared some useful data in the status of voice shopping.

Amanda says, “Earlier this year, new data emerged that predicted voice shopping sales from Echo and Google Home devices would reach $40 billion by 2022: quite a significant jump from the present $2 billion cited at the time.

The reason, the report said, was improved technology within the realm search — as well as, perhaps, a growing number of brands selling smart speakers with voice shopping capabilities.

This month, Samsung threw its hat into the ring with the yet-to-be-debuted Galaxy Home smart speaker, powered by its own digital personal assistant, Bixby.

But this latest information may project a different direction. Perhaps the aforementioned study is correct about improvements in technology, and that the current experience leaves users with something to be desired, preventing them from taking the same action again”.

Why Voice Shopping Is Just Getting Started [New Data]

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