With emergence of new brands with innovative concepts, it becomes a question of survival for most if they are not creative enough in reaching out to their customers with the best of offers.

Most ecommerce companies are trying hard to innovate their policies so that they can attract more customers and enhance their business.

Econsultancy’s Jeff Rajeck has shared four ways the ecommerce brands can help themselves to survive in the year 2018. The findings come from a roundtable discussions with senior marketers in Bangkok.

Rajeck says, “Throughout the day, participants shared their ecommerce experiences and offered insights into how ecommerce companies can survive and thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

1) Get the basics right

Attendees said that to survive, ecommerce businesses must have strategies for the 4 ‘basics’ of ecommerce:

a. Attract customers

Ecommerce businesses should engage consumers creatively with content on other online channels. This could include offering rewards to use their site as opposed to a marketplace.

One marketer added that small ecommerce companies can use the fact that they are not well-established as an advantage, as many consumers are open to trying a new site once, given the right incentives.

b. Make an impact

New ecommerce firms often just have one chance to retain customers. To do so, they need to provide a memorable experience which consumers may not have with a larger site.  One participant suggested that one way to do this was to provide instant and helpful replies to customer questions”.

How ecommerce businesses are surviving in 2018

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