An ecommerce store can prove to be the foundation stone for a new brand. If done with a proper planning, it can lead you to new heights by the ways of greater sales online.

Shopify’s Desirae Odjick has shared eight tips to make your store launch a huge success.

Odjick says, “Since finding your first customers will likely be the best place to put your focus, here’s a list of great tactical advice to help you do that. Just remember that you know your business best and should always select the tactics that will make the biggest difference for you.

Create streams of free traffic

Paid marketing is one way to get people to your store, and while it can be quick and targeted, it’ll cost you. That’s why building organic traffic from social media can be a great strategy to focus on if you have time available but limited financial resources. As a bonus, it’ll also help you build strong connections with your customers and get early feedback.

“I’d curate content to connect with my audience using natural (unpaid) means. That’s the most cost efficient way to gain qualified traffic in my opinion. It isn’t just about one channel—I would start a Facebook and Instagram account and grow them naturally. I’d create a blog on my store, and use some of my social posts to drive traffic there and to relevant product pages. This will have SEO benefits, as well as help to gain natural and free traffic.”

Identitee Politics

If you’d like a primer on getting started with organic social media marketing, check out Instagram Marketing 101“.

What Should I Focus on First When Launching a New Store?

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