Reddit Ads has created a platform that allows brands to reach influential communities online. With its large follower base Reddit has become a promising tool.

To help marketers utilize the Reddit advertising even better, Econsultancy columnist Patricio Robles has shared eight tips.

Robles says, “For marketers finally ready to dip their toes in Reddit’s advertising waters, here are eight tips.

Use Reddit.

Marketers interested in the possibility of marketing through Reddit are wise to use Reddit. While the service has many characteristics that will be familiar to anybody who has used an online social networking platform, Reddit is still unique in many ways.

Learning about Reddit’s nuances, including Reddit culture, is much easier when one actually becomes a Redditor. In fact, there’s an official Subreddit for Reddit advertisers – r/redditads.

Pick the right Subreddits.

Reddit is organized by Subreddits, individual communities that are formed around a particular subject. Each Subreddit is managed by different users (moderators) who can set their own rules”.

Eight tips for advertising successfully on Reddit

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