Online advertising needs to capture the attention of the viewers and motivate them to initiate an action. In such as the visuals and music play the ultimate role in making the ads irresistible.

Econsultancy columnist Nikki Gilliland has shared four ways in which good music makes the advertisements memorable and more impactful.

Gilliland says, “Some of the biggest advertisements in recent decades involve music, and not just in the form of jingles.

Take John Lewis, for example, whose Christmas adverts are just as well known for their sentimental song choice as their storylines. There’s also Vodafone which, in the early noughties, catapulted The Dandy Warhol’s ‘Bohemian Like You’ into the UK’s top five (when it had previously failed to chart).

Ever since the early days of advertising, music and TV ads have gone hand in hand. So, why exactly does music work so well, and how can advertisers make the most of it?

Emotional impact and memory

We’ve all got those songs that remind us of a certain place or time in our lives. This is because, in order to process music, studies show that we use the same parts of the brain that are also responsible for emotion and memory.

Because of the emotional response elicited from a piece of music (which can be either positive or negative depending on the context and sound) – the associated memory also tends to be strong”.

Science of sound: How music makes advertising more memorable

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