Customer acquisition and retention is the priority of every organization as it is the ultimate thing that helps brands survive.

With changing paradigms, the brands face challenges in getting new customers and make sales.

Econsultancy columnist Jeff Rajeck has sorted out four common acquisition problems that the marketers face today.

Rajeck says, “The main issues marketers face with marketplaces are that

  • Marketers must advertise to get marketplace traffic
  • Marketplaces advertisements are expensive
  • Marketers do not receive enough customer data from marketplaces to learn about their customers

The alternative, a brand building its own ecommerce platform, presents a different set of problems, however. Participants stated that ecommerce platforms are expensive to maintain and because marketplaces are so popular, it is difficult to drive traffic to them.

For brands selling in China, a third way was suggested. Participants noted that WeChat now offers ‘mini programs’ which allow brands to run a store on the platform. To drive traffic to a WeChat shop, marketers can strike sponsorship deals with the right KOLs (key opinion leaders, or influencers).

Many agreed that building a shop of WeChat offered a reasonably-priced and effective solution in China”.

What common acquisition problems are marketers facing?

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