HubSpot has published a free guide to Machine Learning vs. Deep Learning. It offers clarity about these two forms and their applications.

Marc Fischer says, “The business world often uses the terms machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence as interchangeable buzzwords. The problem? Each is uniquely different from its siblings. With so much terminology describing different pieces of the same AI puzzle, it’s easy to misunderstand various components.

AI has been around for decades in business and government, but it’s still a relatively new addition to many sectors. The lines between data science and machine learning begin to blur for those unfamiliar with the sector, but it’s increasingly important for professionals to understand this technology that’s changing our world.

For instance, Facebook uses AI to scan photos (as does Google) to match people and information with advertisers. Netflix uses this technology to recommend programming and drive its content decisions. You’d be hard-pressed to name a major brand that is not at least researching how to leverage and implement AI into its business model”.

The Plain English Guide to Machine Learning vs. Deep Learning

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