Creativity and innovation also result from the observation. Studying the effectiveness of certain marketing campaigns and the efforts put in by the marketers can help you get inspired.

To help marketers come out with outstanding marketing campaigns, Econsultancy columnist Sean Cole has shared the best social media stories & campaigns from July 2018.

Cole says, “As the sunshine in the UK continues into what feels like it’s 656th day, social stories and campaigns continue to keep us entertained!

Here are some of the best from July 2018 – featuring Nike, Facebook, The World Cup, William Hill and more…

William Hill hijacks #ItsComingHome

UK bookmaker William Hill found itself in some hot water, following its move to sponsor the Twitter hashtag #ItsComingHome (with a William Hill emoji) during this year’s World Cup.

Naturally, people took to twitter to share in their collective distaste for the move.

Nike attempts to unlock the potential of Chinese football

China is the most populous country in the world and some believe it will only be a matter of time before the nation will one day dominate the world’s most popular sport, football”.

The best social media stories & campaigns from July 2018

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