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Sunday, January 26, 2020
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Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business

Monthly Archives: July 2018

‘Powering your customer experience using AI’ Webinar July 26

Econsultancy is hosting a webinar on ‘Powering your customer experience using AI’ Hearts’ on Thursday, July 26 at 12.30 pm EST. The Econsultancy team says, “Join this webinar to learn how to: Know your customer:  Using AI driven insights, you can personalize based on each customer interaction, helping you to stay ahead of competitors and ever-changing customer […]

Improve your copywriting skills with these tips

Writing is a serious and creative job which also demands regularity. These three things, when put together – develop authenticity. And when such a person writes, the copy can be irresistible. Copyblogger columnist Kelton Reid has shared five qualities of serious writers and cultivating these qualities can help you craft a great copy. Redi says, […]

Automatically Build and Monetize Viral Affiliate Sites in Minutes #ad

New marketing software called Vitraffic was just released. It is designed to build website, populate them with interesting content, place ads on it and bring traffic to it, and do it with little effort by you. Let that sink in. Vitraffic takes care of everything from content creation to monetization on autopilot. That’s a big […]

AzonStation Brings Passive Affiliate Sales #ad

There is brand new, cloud-based software coming out today at 11 AM EDT. AzonStation gives even complete beginners free viral traffic on autopilot and lets you use it to: • Get visitors to your site • Build your list • Generate sales, ad revenue & commissions. It only takes seconds for this brand new, proprietary […]

Five ways to improve your profits

The profitability of the organization helps the brand in growing manyfold. It can be achieved in multiple ways but constant improvement in sales is the ultimate way to reach this goal. Entrepreneur contributor Sania Gupta has shared five ways to help brands improve their profits. Gupta says, “Here are some quick fix solutions that’ll aid […]

Improve your sales with these eight strategies

Boosting the sales is a concern that every brand always has. With rising competition this challenge becomes even bigger. Entrepreneur contributor Shweta Sharma has shared eight tips to help marketers boost their sales. Sharma says, “55% of consumers turn to Amazon first when looking for products online. Now that’s a sizeable number of your potential […]

Improve your content creation process with these tips

Content development is a creative process that requires you to have an learning attitude. Also you have to face the challenges of getting your content liked by the search engines and finally by your customers. Marketing Land contributor Megan Krause has shared ten points to help marketers create effective content and publish it. Krause says, […]

Strategies to find new prospects on LinkedIn

Social media plays a pivotal role in earning you new customers. Along with Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn has its huge share that offers a strong marketing to the brands. HubSpot’s Emma Brudner has shared nine ways to help marketers find new prospects on LinkedIn. Brudner says, “Use these fresh ideas to find new prospects on […]

Six elements of an effective marketing plan

A thoughtfully designed marketing plan serves as a strong base for your marketing actions. It helps you to plan and execute your marketing campaigns. HubSpot columnist Brittany Leaning has shared six elements of an effective marketing plan. HubSpot is also offering free templates to prepare your plan. Leaning says, “Marketing plans can get quite granular […]

Improve your sales by promoting positive customer reviews

Customer reviews work as an asset for your business. The customer acquisition becomes and easy process for you once you are able to tell them how your existing customers look at you. HubSpot ‘s Sophia Bernazzani has shared eight tips to help marketers promote positive customer reviews to grow their brand. Bernazzani says, “Read on to […]