Web push notifications are the alerts that websites send to their users in real time even after the browser was closed. They can be a great asset to the brands for sending offers and promotions to their prospects.

ReadWrite columnist Marry Ann has published a comprehensive guide to how web push notifications work.

Ann says, “From the time web push notification has come into the picture, online marketers have opened doors to brand new possibilities. Web push notification has given new meaning to their marketing strategies and given them the brilliant opportunity to tap the target audience real-time. Through this, you can keep in touch with your users and subscribers effectively and on-the-go.

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Therefore, as the name suggests, push notification is literally ‘pushed’ into the browsers through the backend server using vendor created tools. These are alert messages that appear where the eyesight goes mostly, either on the right-hand corner of the browser screen. However, the browser needs to recognize and allow the push notification to make it appear on the browser. Today almost all popular browsers allow web push notifications to appear.

The best part of web push notification is that your messages will get delivered to the users’ device even when he is not browsing your website”.

Comprehensive Guide on How Web Push Notifications Work

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