In business a brand aims at earning maximum profit and customers are looking forward to getting maximum discounts. A brand that makes the pricing part a win-win process, wins.

HubSpot’s Michaels Pici has shared seven ways you can respond to your prospects when they ask for discount.

Pici says, “Promising your prospect a discount before the actual negotiation can have three negative consequences:

  1. The buyer subconsciously attributes less value to you and your product. After all, if its ROI is what you claim, why are you so willing to sell it for less?
  2. The focus shifts from value to price. Instead of talking and thinking about your product’s potential impact on their business, the prospect is thinking about how much it costs.
  3. You lose some of your bargaining power. Successful negotiations require give-and-take.

If you offer a discount in the beginning stages of the sales process, you’ll miss the opportunity to ask for something in return because you don’t yet know what your prospect wants. That sets a dangerous precedent of one-way concessions.

When the time comes to put together the actual agreement, the buyer will be accustomed to getting what they ask for without giving anything up”.

7 Ways to Respond When Your Prospect Asks for a Discount

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