Shortcuts are everywhere and email marketing is no exception. Many a times marketers think of buying a ready email list and think of starting email marketing campaigns with hundreds of email ids.

HubSpot columnist Corey Wainwright has shared an article on why buying an email ist is a bad idea.

Wainwright says, “When it comes to rented or purchased lists, you may come across vendors or marketers who say, “This email list is totally opt-in!” This means the people on the list opted in to an email communication from someone at some point in time — the list provider, for example.

What “opt-in” lists don’t mean, however, is that email recipients opted in to receive email communications from your business. This is a critical distinction, and the next section of this post will go into more detail on why this type of “opt-in email list” (should be read with air quotes) is not a good idea for your email marketing program.

1. You’ll violate the rules of consent under GDPR.

Most email marketers around the world are legally required to allow recipients to opt out of emails they no longer want to receive. Contacts must be able to do this directly in the email message. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a European data privacy act that went into effect in May 2018, doubles down on the opt-in side of this relationship. And purchased email lists are simply not compliant”.

Why Buying Email Lists Is Always a Bad Idea (And How to Build Yours for Free)

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