Writing is a serious and creative job which also demands regularity. These three things, when put together – develop authenticity. And when such a person writes, the copy can be irresistible.

Copyblogger columnist Kelton Reid has shared five qualities of serious writers and cultivating these qualities can help you craft a great copy.

Redi says, “We all have our varied neuroses, methods of madness, well-worn manuals, muses, writer porn, and incantations that we feel grant us the strength to face the glaring blankness of the page.

But there are five fundamental things that set serious writers apart from the rest.

Only serious writers:

1. Show up regularly.
2. Get started, no matter how inspired they’re feeling.

Showing up is an undervalued talent.

You could be a word-counter, time-blocker, Pomodoro technician, or an edge-of-your-seat procrastinator … all serious scribes show up regularly to write.

Frankly, it doesn’t matter how many words or how long you commit to butt-in-chair time … what matters is that you do it over and over until you have something of value for you, your audience, benefactors, clients, subscribers, or publishers”.

5 Things Only Serious Writers Do


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