Content Marketing Institute columnist Ann Gynn has shared 61 ideas from content marketing experts that can help marketers work efficiently on their content creation and marketing budgets and more.

Gynn says, “We asked the presenters at Content Marketing World 2018to share what they would do.

Anna Hrach, strategist at Convince and Convert, offers an insightful grounding thought. “No matter what the budget would be, I would start with a list of everything we wanted to accomplish, then plot them on a grid that ranks efforts from low to high effort and low to high impact.

“It doesn’t really matter how much extra budget you have if you’re not going to spend it effectively.”

Strategist John Bucher advocates keeping a running wish list of what you would do if extra funds become available. “It can help you avoid making impulse decisions,” he says. (Often, this happens as the budget year nears its end and your team needs to spend the designated dollars or lose them.)

What should be on your grid or wish list? From meals and research to customer advisory boards and in-person event studios, these presenters have a lot of good ideas”.

Increase in Your Content Marketing Budget? 61+ Fresh Ideas From Experts

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