Voice search is on rise with the increasing number of Internet connected devices. To cope with this promising change the webmasters need to prepare their websites to effective respond to the voice based actions.

To help the brands and marketers in optimizing the websites for voice search, Content Marketing Institute columnist Robert Katai has shared three tips.

Katai says, “Let’s focus on three major steps to make your site louder (i.e., higher rankings) for the ears of voice searchers. And, really, these tips work to improve your site for all types of searchers.

1. Optimize for speed

Google values speed for all, but particularly for voice searches.


People who use voice search often are mobile-based. They are not necessarily connected to broadband fiber networks. They want websites that load fast and deliver results right away. They won’t wait for a page to take 10 or 20 seconds to load.

Check your page’s load speed and if you think you can make improvements, make them as quickly as possible because your ranking may depend on it”.

How to Optimize Your Website for Audio Search

Content Marketing Institute
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