Social media plays a pivotal role in earning you new customers. Along with Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn has its huge share that offers a strong marketing to the brands.

HubSpot’s Emma Brudner has shared nine ways to help marketers find new prospects on LinkedIn.

Brudner says, “Use these fresh ideas to find new prospects on LinkedIn when search just isn’t cutting it.

1. Look at the “People Also Viewed” sidebar

Don’t you wish you could clone your best customers? Well, turns out you can with the “People Also Viewed” sidebar.

Visit the profile of one of your best customers or prospects, and then look to the right. The “People Also Viewed” box shows other users similar to your contact. You’ve just magically turned one prospect into several.

2. Reach out to prospects in new roles

Changing jobs is one of the most effective trigger events in sales. When a person takes on a new role, they are more open to shaking things up with a new product or service purchase. Swoop in at the right time, and you could land yourself a new customer”.

9 Little-Known Ways to Find New Prospects on LinkedIn

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