Video creation is a challenging process as you need to make it such so that your video works for you in an effective manner and leads your business to more conversions.

Marketing Land contributor Jacob Baadsgaard has shared eight questions that will lead you to create better video for your business.

Baadsgaard says, “After all, can you really afford to invest hundreds or thousands of dollars in a video ad that doesn’t produce good results?

Fortunately, if you’re thinking about making video ads, there are a few simple questions you can ask yourself that will save you from making some basic, but common, mistakes in the ad-creation process. Let’s take a look.

What am I trying to achieve?

Video views… watch time… clicks… conversions… sales… depending on your business and what you’re hoping to achieve, you could have any number of goals for your video ad. For example, if you’re trying to build awareness for the raw power of your blender, you’ll probably create a very different video ad than if you’re trying to get people to adopt puppies.

Here are a couple of things to consider when trying to figure out what you want to achieve with your video ad.

Where in the funnel is my target audience?

In general, upper-funnel videos that are intended to build brand awareness and/or loyalty should be designed to grab and hold people’s attention”.

Planning to make a video ad or other video asset? 3 things to consider

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