Content marketing is a blend of content and the way it is distributed to your target audiences. You need to bring the in the concept of relevance first and then you can integrate the concept of promotion in your content.

Content Marketing Institute’s Lisa Murton Beets has shared five research-based actions to help marketers improve their content marketing efforts.

Beets says, “A little over halfway through 2018, you may be looking for insights on how to maximize your content marketing efforts. Or, maybe you need some great stats to help you build your business case for content marketing.

Take stock of what CMI’s annual research with MarketingProfs revealed about the state of B2B content marketing in 2018 – and what you can do to focus your efforts for the best return. (And stay tuned for new research results this fall.)

1. Focus on building an audience

Across every vertical examined, the research shows a year-over-year increase in the percentage of marketers who agree their organization is focused on building an audience regardless of their overall level of content marketing success.

And that’s good news, considering the consent-based marketing approach now required by GDPR and other consumer privacy legislation. As Robert Rose recently wrote:

Data given, rather than scraped or gathered unwillingly, is simply more valuable as a marketing asset … Then it stands to reason that providing valuable content-driven experiences”.

5 Research-Based Actions to Improve Your Content Marketing

Content Marketing Institute
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