Video has come out as a strong tool to help brands improve their sales and overall performance. In b2b sales too you can try different video formats and make more sales.

Entrepreneur contributor James G. Brooks has shared some useful tips to improve your b2b sales using video marketing.

Brooks says, “Here’s why video case studies are a particularly effective vehicle for B2B marketing:

Prospects need something to show their bosses.

Frank V. Cespedes, a senior lecturer at Harvard Business School, reviewed 34 million customer/content interactions online. He discovered B2B buyers’ single biggest motivator: learning how others are using a product. These buyers aren’t interested in hypotheticals or promises. They want to see outcomes — attributes you can put on display in a case-study video. B2B buyers need something to justify the purchase when they make the ask of their superiors. This gets to the heart of persuading a B2B buyer. It trumps ideas about disruption or category leadership.

Case studies provide social proof.

Social proof rests on the principle that people are more likely to take action when they have seen others take action. The best type of social proof is a recommendation from someone you know and respect”.

Research Says This Type of Video Closes More B2B Sales


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