In continuous improvement of our marketing we tend to and we need to experiment at different phases. This helps us in getting better ROI from our marketing efforts.

Many a times these experiments turn out to be the mistakes and harm the brand image. Econsultancy columnist Nathan Levi has shared five things that the CMOs should avoid doing.

Levi says, “I’ve listed five things I think CMOs shouldn’t do (which makes a much more interesting and possibly provocative list). This comes from my own and many of my peers’ experience.

1. Don’t try to create demand

A wise man once said: the market always wins. If the market is travelling in the same direction as your business, your chances of success are much higher; if the market isn’t going your way, you’re pretty much screwed.

Even the most innovative companies, like Google and Facebook, launched in competitive environments where there was demand for similar products.

You have to be a brave CMO to try to educate customers about a product or service they don’t know exists yet. You will more than likely fail. Always establish the market demand before you join a company. Don’t be bedazzled by the shiny and new, unless of course you have fervent belief in the product”.

Five things startup CMOs shouldn’t do

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