Entrepreneur magazine has published a video featuring Eric Siu on ‘6 Simple Strategies to Drive More Traffic to Your Content’.

The Entrepreneur team says, “If you’ve created content and — after all your hard work — wondered where is all the traffic, consider mixing up your strategy. In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner Eric Siu┬árecommends a few tips to get more eyeballs on your content. One of Siu’s suggestions is to upgrade your content by adding more up-to-date information.

Siu gives the example of Wikipedia, which built up its pages of content and gained more clout by adding more and more crowdsourced information.

Other helpful tweaks to content strategy include adding links to other pieces of your content within a current piece of content. You will be able to refer readers to other pieces you’ve work on and direct more traffic to these pieces.

Moreover, try┬árepurposing your content. Reformat and package your content by not only sharing it on social networks, but also creating podcasts or webinars from the original content”.

6 Simple Strategies to Drive More Traffic to Your Content


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